Winter Riding – Safety Tips

Winter in the UK doesn’t get much worse than snowfall and minus temperatures. It’s nice when you can view it from inside a toasty house and don’t need to leave the house for a day or two. For those who travel to work, whether driving or cycling, it’s important to stay safe, warm and visible!

Here are some tips on how you can withstand the icy conditions and still enjoy riding your bike!

– Layer Up

Don’t be afraid to add multiple layers before going out on your bike. Put on an extra pair of socks, thermals, undergarments and gloves, after all it’s better to sweat more calories than it is to freeze!

– Take care of your bike

Rinse or wipe down your bike after each ride. to prevent the build up of mud, ice and other debris.

– Stay hydrated (and warm) with a warm drink

Ice-cold water isn’t always wanted you fancy after a blistery cycling journey. You could always fill a flask or suitable bottle with some hot tea or coffee, any fluid is better than no fluid.

– Stay visible

Don’t forget your lights when riding in winter, as daylight is scarce and it can creep up on you sooner than you think. Make sure you always wear visible or reflective clothing and safety gear.

– Dismount

No one will judge you if you set out on a bike ride and spend most of the time walking, either way you’re burning calories. If you are riding through thick snow use a lower gear to avoid skidding but dismount when necessary.

– Services

Your bike will tend to deteriorate more quickly, in winter, than in other seasons. Caps can become loose, especially when wet and it may be prone to rusting. Get your bike serviced at a local shop to ensure it serves you many more bike rides.

– Pedals

If you often ride your bike in winter, it will be worthwhile investing in some clip-in pedals. If you’re feet aren’t secure when riding, you may not have full control over your bike resulting in an accident.

Remember your safety is always the most important thing when out and about on your bike! Make yourself aware of the road conditions that could affect your journey. Stay vigilant at all times and prepare yourself for your journey ahead.

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