New Year, New Commute – On Bike!

If, like many people, one of your New Year’s resolutions last year was to ‘get fitter’ and again, if like many people, you didn’t manage to stick to it, we have some advice for you! Try picking an exercise or sport you enjoy, and secondly, make it part of your routine, a lifestyle change if you will.

Cycling is a great alternative to the gym, fitness classes or jogging so why not swap driving your car or taking the bus for a bike? This will quickly become part of your routine and the benefits are endless!

But before you can take this step, there are many rules and regulations that cyclists should follow, to ensure the safety of them and others when out and about. We have collated some basic rules on how you can cycle safely:

– Familiarise yourself with the route you are about to take, -there could be a slight difference in the one you are used to when walking, driving or taking the bus.

– If you are cycling in dark conditions, your bike is required to have a red light on the back and a white light at the front. Flashing lights can be used on bikes too. The aim is to let other cyclists, runners, walkers and drivers see you coming!

– You should ALWAYS wear a good fitting helmet with secure straps and always wear reflective or light coloured clothing. The better you’re seen, the safer you will be.

– In the event that there is no cycle lane on the pavement, you must cycle on the road. Stay close to the side of the road to allow cars to easily over take you.

– Look out for signs that indicate whether cyclists can use a bus lane, footpath or walkway. Not all of them do and may require you to dismount.

– Ensure you park your bike in a secure location, using a reliable lock or chain and that you’ve not left any belongings behind. Observe the area to make sure passers by can easily see it and it will not cause obstruction to any vehicles or pedestrians.

So there you have it, Aladdin’s basic road rules for first time riders or new commuters! Be sure to fully familiarise yourself with these and we would also advise taking a few practice runs of your route to work.

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