Choosing The Best Bike For You and Your Lifestyle

As you can imagine, there are many different types and styles of bikes, each one to suit different activities, needs and lifestyles. Before choosing the right bike for you, there are a number of things to think about; what type of cycling will you be doing, do you have enough space to store a bike and whether you would like to add storage facilities to your bike. It can be handy to have a budget in mind, as purchasing a bike and all the necessary equipment can get pretty pricey.

1. City Bikes

Otherwise known as ‘urban’, ‘commuter’ or ‘dutch’ bikes, this type usually position the rider in an upright position, allowing you to be seen by motorists as well as giving you the best visibility of the road ahead. They don’t require much power when cycling, this is to ensure comfort and stability when riding. They may come with an internally geared hub for easy riding and maintenance. These bikes are ideal for everyday cycling.


– Have a ‘step-through’ frame, allowing you to wear any type of clothing comfortably
– Allow room for baskets and other storage to be attached


– Can be uncomfortable if you are riding long distance due to upright positioning

2. Folding bikes

These are ideal for those who don’t have much storage space or are required to use more than one mode of transport during their commute. As the wheels are smaller on a folding bike, some users may find it trickier to handle than a standard bike.


– Easy to fold away and store at home
– Easily fits into to most car boots as well as buses, trams and lifts


– Not ideal for speed racing
– Can be pricier than a traditional bike

3. Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are especially designed for riding through off-road trails, with a low gear range and flat, upright handlebars. They usually come with full-suspension and shock absorbers, to withstand the vigorous trails. The seats are also usually designed to be more comfortable than other bike seats, although more customisable ones can be purchased.


– Contain wider tires for comfort and better traction
– Allow comfortable riding on rocky, mountainous terrains


– Normally heavier than usual road bikes
– Due to suspension, pedaling is less effective

4. Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes contain the abilities and characteristics of both mountain and road bikes. Ideally designed for short riding through the city, their upright handlebars and large seats provide a comfortable ride.


– Comfortable and stable
– Ideal for paved or unpaved bike trails

– Tend to be quite heavy
– Not ideal for mountain bike trails

Ensure you do your research before choosing and purchasing any bike. Bicycles can be a great investment and will reward you with many happy rides and memories in the future.

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