Cycling Safety Wear and Accessories

Cyclists can be vulnerable when cycling on the road. Whether you are an advanced cyclist or just bought your first bike, it is very important to be seen and be safe while cycling.

This guide is designed to inform you of the different types of safety wear available to you, to improve your visibility, not only to keep yourself safe but also so you are seen by other road users.

Helmets and visible clothing is, of course, a must when cycling, regardless of whether you are riding in the day or at night. Any light-coloured, reflective or fluorescent clothing or accessories are perfect. Hi-visibility jackets and clothing can be purchased from most hardware stores as well as bike specialists.

Children’s bicycles and helmets can benefit from lots of fun reflective accessories. Children’s bikes tend to be brightly coloured, but there are accessories you can put in other places, such as their helmet or on their clothing. You can add other fun extras including; reflective stickers, tassels, streamers, bells and reflective spoke sticks. They can also wear reflective armbands, waistbands and ankle bands.

Clothing should be fitted, with no hanging accessories, which could potentially get caught in the bike chain, wheel of the bike or distract you. A well-fitted helmet should always be worn when cycling, making sure it conforms to current regulations and laws.

When cycling at night there are two laws that you must comply to. Firstly, your bike must have a white front light and a rear red light, that should be lit at all times. Secondly, any bike manufactured after 1/10/85, there should be an amber pedal reflector on each pedal to increase visibility.

A final note: Make sure you are well aware of The Highway Code, as well as all the rules and regulations of cycling. Help yourself be seen when out on the roads and be safe.

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