Top 3 Cycling Apps

Statistics show that health and fitness app usage is on the increase, in fact, it has grown a whopping 330% in the last three years! Fitness apps are also a great way to keep track of our friends and family’s efforts. By creating health and fitness communities, they allow their users to engage with each other, sharing their journey, tips and advice as well as using it for encouragement and inspiration. A loyal 96% of us stick with just one fitness app, using it to keep track of several things including:

Weight, height and BMI

Calorie and liquid intake

Distances completed, whether it’s running, swimming, walking or cycling

There is no longer a need for a cycling computer unless of course, you want to keep it old school. There are hundreds of apps which allow you to track your distances and speed, some may even give you an indication as to how many calories you’ve burnt. We’ve created a list of some of the most popular Cycling apps you can download today, on your Apple or Android devices!


Strava meaning ‘strive’ in Swedish, is a company which have labelled themselves as, “A passionate and committed team whose mission is to build the most engaged community of athletes”. This app will transform your device into a running and cycling computer. Its GPS tracking will measure your performance, whether it’s connected to your watch, head unit, heart rate monitor or power meter. You are also able to share your progress with the rest of the Strava community.

Additional features: Beacon – Allows you to share your location in real-time, with loved ones in case of an emergency.

Cycle Streets

This brilliant app enables you to find alternative cycling routes. Perhaps your usual route is unavailable, or you fancy a quieter cycle than usual. You simply enter your starting point and desired destination and it will show you the different cycling routes you can take. It will also provide you with information regarding your performance like speed, distance covered, calories burnt and journey time, using a live map.

Additional features: The app will also provide you with local information such as how much C02 you may have avoided, traffic lights and whether the route is busy or quiet.

Cyclemeter Cycling

This app is great for keeping you motivated whilst cycling! Its built-in calendar allows you to keep track of your cycle journeys and sends friendly reminders. Its calendar allows you to see how much cycling you have done and lets you know when you should schedule in your next.

Additional features: Maps, graphs, splits intervals, laps, zones, training plans and more!

As far as we are aware, all of the apps mentioned above are compatible with Apple and Android devices and are completely free. However some of which may include extra benefits which may incur a charge.

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