5 Benefits of Cycling To Work

There are many benefits of cycling; daily, weekly and even monthly. Cycling isn’t just a summer activity and taking your bike to work is a great way you can start your cycling journey. Even if you do own a vehicle or take other modes of transport, by cycling to work you are not only improving your health and well-being but could also be saving time on your journeys.

Cut the morning traffic
By using your bike rather than other modes of transport for your journey to work, you could be cutting out half the typical morning traffic, getting you to work faster and less stressed. Check for any possible alternative routes to work, which may include a cycle path and make sure you are aware of where to find the bike stands at your workplace.

Saving money
Cycling to work will also save you money on your daily commute. Although investing in a good and durable bike may seem like a financial strain, on average people who cycle to work every day save £285 a month. Additionally, cycling allows you to get in that bit of exercise you would otherwise get at the gym, saving you money on a gym membership, of course, you can do both but, we won’t tell if you won’t!

Mindless exercise
Cycling is one of the best options for exercise, if you don’t quite fancy going to a gym or just don’t have the time, by substituting public transport or driving to work for a bike not only will you be saving money but losing weight as well as getting fitter! As a full body workout, by cycling can help you burn anything between 400 to 1000 calories per hour, but of course, this depends on intensity and rider weight. Even if you ride part of the way to and from work, it squeezes in a good proportion of exercise. Remember some is better than none!

Owning your own bicycle as a form of transportation will be very convenient. Forget walking to the bus or tram stop in the rain, having to wait for it to arrive and then paying to get to your destination. You also won’t need to drive around looking for a parking space or digging through your pockets for change, you can skip through traffic, lock it up for free and save time as well as money.

Save the planet
You are also doing your bit for the environment by not contributing to air or noise pollution when you swap your vehicle or public transport for cycling, as it produces absolutely no pollution! In UK towns and cities, vehicles give out about 70 per cent of air pollution and around 20 per cent of the UK’s total CO2 emissions.

Most workplaces now offer a cycle to work scheme, in which you can loan a bicycle and safety equipment as a tax-free benefit. It can help you with all of the five benefits above and you can even help you with money towards purchasing the bike at the end instead of returning it to your employer. Start your cycling today and get fitter!

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