Winter Cycling: Your Definitive Guide

Summer is well and truly over and whilst we’re still dreaming of hazy summer days spent riding around the countryside, there’s no excuse for hanging up the helmet in winter.

To help you embrace winter riding, we are going to give you some helpful tips on riding in the wet, cold and often treacherous British weather conditions.


Quite possibly the most important factor to consider when preparing to ride in the winter months is your threads! Kitting yourself out may seem like a big investment to begin with but if you buy quality, we can assure you it will last.

Don’t be tempted to just chuck on an extra layer (or five) as this will make you sweat, leaving you feeling rather flustered when you arrive at the office or your family meal.

Make sure you choose clothing that is specific to cycling as this will have all the right features to ensure a successful and warm, (not-sweaty), ride.

Winter clothing essentials:

  • Waterproof jacket – keeps you and your underclothing warm and dry
  • Thermal bib tights – an essential winter riding staple
  • Wicking vest – stops sweating from making you feel damp
  • Windproof gilet or jersey – keeps the warmth in and the sweat out
  • Overshoes – protection against the rain
  • Windproof, thermal gloves – flexible and warm gloves are essential
  • Clear glasses – stops grit from getting into your eyes



Being seen is the absolute key to staying safe during the dark winter days. Unfortunately, it’s usually dark when we go to work and dark when we ride home too.

Always ensure your bike is well lit from all angles. If you’re riding on urban, well-lit roads the aim is to be seen. Flashing lights are great, however if you’re riding on a road where you need some extra light, you can invest in some good front lights that help you to see the road ahead.

Make sure that your lights are charged and you have some spare batteries before you begin any bike ride.

We have a large range of bike lights available in our Nottingham bike shop – visit us in-store at Aladdin’s Bikes today.

Bike Service

Just before the onset of winter really sets in, it’s a good idea to get a full service on your bike. A mechanic will check over your brakes, tyres, frame and chains to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders! It’s extra important to keep an eye on all these things during winter as this is often when moving parts seize up and can go wrong. Anything that doesn’t look quite right, get it looked at by your local bike mechanic!

We offer bike services from our Bike shop in Nottingham – contact us today to book in: 0115 9785 172


This one is for commuters – think about your route, do you need to alter it for the winter months? Perhaps chose a less hilly route if the snow and ice gets particularly bad. Also, if you know a section that is not very well lit, maybe swap it for a more urbanized route as the nights start to draw in.


Now we’ve got all the serious stuff out the way, it’s time for us to tell you to get out there and enjoy it! Riding in the winter months can offer some stunning, crisp, snowy views, make sure you take a phone to snap some pictures – you never know, it might make next years Christmas card!

Countryside with snow in winter Yorkshire UK


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