Freshers: Your definitive guide to living in Notts!

Welcome to Nottingham, Freshers!

We know that moving away from home for the first time can be really daunting so us lovely people at Aladdin’s Bikes thought we would highlight a few things that will make the move to our wonderful city of Nottingham a little bit easier…

1. We have our own language

Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually quite easy. Firstly, mardy means grumpy or in a bad mood so really it’s a word you don’t want to hear too often! We regularly refer to people as ducks or duck-eh and although we are super friendly, we rarely say hello, as we say “eh up!” instead. Also, FYI – we get very offended if you refer to our accent as ‘northern’.




2. Robin Hood is definitely NOT a myth!

In fact, most of our landmarks and heritage is built around him and we’re very proud of it. So visiting the notorious statue and taking a drive out to Sherwood Forest to see Old Major Oak are a must.




3. We are very friendly people

One for you southerners… Don’t get creeped out if we start talking to you in the queue for the bus; we like to think we’re a friendly bunch and we’ll find any opportunity to spark a conversation up with a complete stranger.




4. We don’t know which one is the left or right lion either…

It’s the infamous meeting point in Nottingham – the majestic lions that lay either side of the council house in Market Square. If someone says, “I’ll meet you at the right lion,” chances are they don’t know which one they mean either! Our advice: just pick one and hope for the best!




5. Goose Fair is like a national holiday to us

It’s time to block out your diary now for the first weekend in October because GOOSE FAIR IS COMING! That’s right, thousands of geese will flock to Forest Recreation Ground to be sold… We’re only messing! Goose Fair is one of the largest and best funfairs in the world (in our opinion), with over 500 rides and attractions.

If you live in Nottingham for three years and don’t attend the Goose Fair at least once, did you even live in here? For all you first timers, you have to try the mushy peas (don’t knock them, ‘till you’ve tried them) and go on the big wheel.

P.S. You’ll notice there’s a big goose placed on the roundabout near the site but don’t be alarmed if you spot it with a bottle of beer hanging out it’s mouth – it’s sort of the norm here… Stay classy Nottingham!




6. You can always tell what time of year it is by what’s going on in Old Market Square

At Christmas, it turns into our very own Winter Wonderland. Think ice-skating in Central Park, waltzing through a Christmas market in Frankfurt and last minute shopping on Oxford Street… You get the picture – it’s pretty cool!

We often get our very own “Nottingham Eye” – a giant Ferris wheel offering spectacular views of our gorgeous city, complete with hireable private booths should you want to splash out on that special someone that you met in Rock City.

Now we know you students usually hot foot it back home to mum’s cooking and your own bed the minute you’ve completed your final hand but it’s always worth coming back during and paying us a visit. Forget California dreamin’, it’s all about the Costa Del NG1. Every summer the market square is turned into a gorgeous beach. Yes – an actual beach, complete with sand, sea, deck chairs and beach bar.


So there you have it, your definitive guide for surviving life in Nottingham! Remember these things and we’re know you’ll be just fine. Don’t forget to enjoy your time here, and remember, if you work hard, you can play hard too!

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