Aladdin’s Simple Steps to Packing Your Bike

  • Picked your destination ✓
  • Picked your mode of transport ✓
  • Know how to box pack your bike ✗

Don’t panic! Your holiday might be less than 24 hours away (no time for a practice run) but our simple 5 step guide will have your bike packed away efficiently in no time…


CLEAN YOUR BIKE – He/she is your pride and joy after all! There is nothing worse than arriving at your picturesque destination, excitedly unpacking your bike, only to be remember that it’s smeared with good old British soil!

GATHER YOUR TOOLS: In order to get your bike in a suitable bag or box you will only need a few Allen keys and a pedal spanner.

CHOOSE YOUR CARRIER: There are many bike bags and boxes on the market but here are a few of our favourites:

Biknd Helium Bike Case – £410

  • Soft bag with the protection of a hard box.
  • Four wheels for easy transportation
  • Size: 125 x 75 x 32cm
  • Weight: 9.74kg

Serfas Bike Case – £299

  • A good value hard-back case
  • Size: 111 x 72 x 26cm
  • Weight: 10.3kg

DHB Elsted Wheeled Bike Bag – £63

  • Lots of space but not so much padding as others
  • Offers good impact protection for the bike
  • Size: 134 x 90 x 26cm
  • Weight: 6.78kg


Step 1 – Remove the pedals

Take off the pedals with a pedal spanner. Please, please, please take great care not to leave the pedals behind – it’s easily done! Make sure you pack the same pedal spanner so you can put them back when you arrive.

Step 2 – Removing the seat post and saddle

It’s a good idea to measure the saddle height and make a note of it or mark the seat post so you know exactly where it is comfortable for you. Doing this saves time at the other end and let’s face it, we’d rather be out exploring than spending hours getting our saddle back to optimum height. After this, remove the seat post and saddle with an Allen key.

Step 3 – Remove the handlebar stem

Most modern bikes have thread-less headsets and you will need to loosen the top cap and pinch the bolts. The handlebars will then be free from the headset and you can tie the handlebars securely to the top tube on the frame.

Step 4 – Removing the wheels and packing

Next, you need to remove the wheels and pack to the side of the frame. The packing will differ depending on what bike bag or box you have but either way, it’s important to secure everything with ties or straps to stop things moving around in transit. It’s also a wise idea to use plastic bags to secure over anything oily.

Step 5 – Protective Insulation

Finally, place the protective insulation around the bike and wheels – it’s usually provided with most bags and boxes. Zip, fasten and close the bag up – you’re ready to go!


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