Travelling abroad with your bike? Read this!

So, you read our blog post and decided to book a summer holiday? We don’t blame you!


Whether you’ve chosen to attempt Mount Ventoux or explore villages in Mallorca, trust us, you won’t regret it.

However, you will regret not reading this blog post, as we are going to explain the best, easiest and only options when taking your own bike abroad…

  1. Eurostar

You might have used the Eurostar very easily when ‘with bike’ in the past but I’m afraid to say they’ve made it a damn sight more difficult now. Gone are the days where you just paid a £30 fee for a designated bike compartment, regardless of size and make. Eurostar now want you to learn a whole new trade! That’s right; many people will need to completely dismantle their bike and package it into an appropriate bike bag.

Folding bikes (85cm or smaller) = allowed as hand luggage with you
Bikes (85cm+) = padded bike bag or bike box


If you want to keep your bike fully assembled, you’ll need to book it on to Eurodespatch. You’ll need to do this ASAP because there are very limited spaces on each train, which means it may not travel over on your train. They promise your precious bike will be back with you in 24 hours, although this is not very ideal if you need to make further travel arrangements…

2. Ferries

Our experiences with ferries have always been good. Generally, there is no awkward requirements regarding dismantling your bike, low risk of bike damage, and in some cases, you don’t even need to notify them in advance that you’re a cyclist.


Sounds perfect, right? Almost. Of course, taking the ferry does limit your destinations and the journey can end up being very lengthy if you include drives to and from the port either side!

However, another upside is there are no baggage restrictions (yay – no hidden charges). Also, if you’re travelling with your young family, ferries are definitely more ‘child friendly’. No one likes sitting still for hours on end but definitely not children!

  1. Aeroplane

Yes, we cycle because we love it but a lot of us do it because we care about the world around us. Therefore, stepping onto a monster polluter of polluters doesn’t exactly sit well with us… However, when there is no other alternatives needs must.

Aeroplane - Faro
Fees and weights differ from airline to airline, however all airlines will demand that you dismantle your bike and bag it appropriately. If this is something you’ve never done before, Aladdin’s Bikes have explained how to do it here in just 4 simple steps.

The vast majority of airlines cost between £30 and £50 each way, although BA doesn’t charge anything, as long as it is within your allocated luggage allowance.

via The Guardian


That was our rundown of the best ways to travel when you’re ‘with bike’.
Like us, hopefully you can avoid planes at all costs = pricey/bad for the environment

Whichever you choose, be sure to always do your research and always read the small print!

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