Cycling Apps – Enhance Your Ride

So, you decide to download a cycling app… You type ‘cycling app’ into your chosen app-store… and BAM! You are presented with about million different apps. Okay, maybe not a million, but a lot!

How are you meant to choose just one? Which one will track nutrition and cycling? Do any let you create your own routes?


Well fear not, keen cyclist! Let Aladdin’s bikes talk you through our favourite three…

  1. Cyclemeter

This app is probably the most feature-rich out of all of the apps that we’ve reviewed. It uses Apple’s GPS system to track and create routes and offers an extensive array of workouts to follow.


It also provides an added safety benefit – a built-in announcement system, which gives regular updates on your performance. This means you no longer have to try and track your own distance or speed mid-ride. Another great feature is the ability to transfer data to other apps, such as Strava.

Price: FREE (elite subscription available)
Available: iOS only

  1. Map My Ride

MMR has many of the same functions as Cyclemeter, although if you were looking for the complete ‘health’ package, we’d probably say that MMR is better at tracking nutrition. As the name would suggest, one of MMR’s strengths is their accurate and easy route mapping, with the option of creating your own courses using GPS. However one downfall that has been noticed by many users – MMR is a battery drainer!


Price: FREE (premium price – around £4 per month)
Available: iOS/Android

  1. Strava

There was absolutely no way we could create this list without including Strava. Not only is it our number one choice but many professional cyclists favour it now too!


The app allows you to track distance, speed, time and calories and if you have a competitive streak, this is the one for you! You may have recently heard chitchat about ‘segments’, which are common routes used by other cyclists. After your journey, you can go online to compare yourself against other local Strava users. Even if you aren’t especially competitive, it’s definitely interesting to see where your profile ranks amongst others!

The desktop dashboard is clean with no irritating adverts (bonus!) and you can easily find and follow friends’ profiles.

Price: FREE (optional in-app purchases)
Available: iOS/Android

Are there any others we’ve missed off the list that you just can’t live without?
Tell us in the comments below!

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